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Dear Customers, we inform you that when requesting a refund in case of the purchase refusal, the refund is made exclusively to the same bank card with which the payment was made



  • The product is NON-FOOD, the product was not in use
  • Factory labels are not violated, the product has a marketable appearance, consumer properties are preserved
  • There are receipts (cash register), as well as other documents confirming payment for the goods
  • The period from the date of purchase did not exceed 7 days from the date of receipt of the Goods
  • Mouthpieces for individual use, individual sets, issued by order of a specific Buyer and for individual use by the Buyer-are not subject to exchange and return
  • When returning an order in the online store, the delivery costs are not compensated
  • If the product is purchased in the region, the return is carried out by the logistics company. The details for the refund and the conditions can be clarified by mail.  

Return, replacement of Goods of improper quality is carried out in accordance with the Law of Russian Federation of 07.02.1992 N 2300-1 “On Consumer Rights Protection” and the rules of remote trade in force in Russian Federation.


If you replace a Product of improper quality with a Product of the same brand (or) article, the price of the Product is not recalculated;

When replacing Goods of improper quality with the same Goods of another brand (model, article), if the price of the Goods to be replaced is lower than the price of the Goods provided in exchange, the Buyer must pay the difference in prices; if the price of the Goods to be replaced is higher than the price of the Goods provided in exchange, the difference in prices is paid to the Buyer.

The goods of improper quality can be returned by the Buyer at his request to the Seller with the help of a courier service/transport company at the Seller's expense.   

When paying for an order on the website, the money for the returned Goods is returned to the card that was used to pay for the order, in accordance with the terms of service of the card issuing bank.

The refund is made within 10 days from the date of submission of the relevant request by the Buyer and after receipt of the goods by the seller.  

The exchange and return of the Goods, as well as the refund for the returned Goods, is made on the basis of an application completed and signed by the Buyer in the form specified on the website.


The application form can be downloaded from .

The site administration pays attention! When returning a quality product, the Seller is not responsible for the actions of the transport company/courier service – if they caused damage to the goods while shipping, the money is returned by the transport company/courier service that made the return.


Updated on 20th January 2021.